Matcha Powder 30g
Matcha Powder 30g

Matcha Powder 30g

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Our Matcha is of the finest breed - Ceremonial Grade! basically, it's the best quality you can find. Its bright green, frothy and smooth, with that incredible "umami" taste. Join the hype!

Makes about 20-30 cups 


Made in Japan

מרכיבים: 100% עלי תה ירוק טחונים לאבקה

🧠 Enhances memory

✅ Rich in antioxidants

👀 Caffeine, for laser focus

משלוח עד הבית - 30 שקלים

איסוף עצמי בתיאום מראש - חינם

At the moment, we do not ship internationally, but we seek to do so in the near future