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Matcha Powder 30g

30 grams (20 servings)

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Our matcha is exclusively ceremonial grade, carefully curated from Kagoshima, Japan, offering a sweet and gentle flavor.

Airtight, resealable 40g pull-top tin to maintain freshness.

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How to Matcha

Step 1

Scoop 1 tsp of matcha (1-2 grams)

Step 2

Add 80ml of warm water (80c to be precise)

Step 3

Whisk until a foamy texture is achieved.

Step 4

Serve into a glass of 150ml of your preferred milk (Ice is optional)

Matcha is awesome

Matcha is rich in antioxidants that assist in anti-aging, providing bright and fresh-looking skin.

It provides a sustained, steady source of energy as opposed to coffee, which can lead to anxiety, tremors, a sudden energy boost, and then a crash.

Matcha contains L-theanine, which helps reduce stress and enhances memory while we remain in a state of calm.


All matchas are not created equal

Mix and Matcha provides the highest quality matcha - ceremonial grade, sourced from the first harvest of the youngest, freshest, and most flavorful green tea leaves to create the perfect, delicious, and healthy matcha powder.

Ceremonial Grade

The leaves are harvested in the first flush, offering natural sweetness, the highest level of essential components, and a vibrant, intense green color.


The leaves are harvested in the second flush, resulting in a slightly bitter taste and a brighter color.

Culinary Matchas

The leaves are harvested in the second flush, yielding a more bitter and astringent taste, with a green color that resembles a golden hue.

Matcha Powder 30g - mix-n-matcha
Matcha Powder 30g Sale price₪105.00 Regular price₪125.00
Coffe - mix-n-matcha
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🍃 Health

Antioxidants, L-theanine, fiber, and essential vitamins.

Nothing special.

🔋 Energy

Up to 6 hours of sustained energy, calmness without crashes or spikes of tremors and anxiety.

1-2 hours of an energy boost followed by a crash.

😄 Feeling

High concentration, calmness, focus, and positive energy.

Excessive energy leading to restlessness and impulsivity, momentary nervousness, and scattered thoughts.

👅 Bad Breath

Nothing to worry about, just a wonderful taste.

Bad breath, yellow teeth.